Pre Season iHorror Advertising

Pre Season iHorror Advertising

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As we approach October iHorror will be releasing our "Digital Bazaar" of horror genre items, shops and services.  We will release this information on our website, to our iHorror newsletter subscribers, and to our iHorror App users.

Links directing fans to this "Digital Bazaar" will be added to our iHorror Facebook Page, Instagram feed, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Purchasing space in the iHorror Halloween Digital Bazaar will give you:

  1. Photo of product/service
  2. Brief Description
  3. 1 Website Link
  4. Up to 3 Social Media Links


Space is limited - and this offer will end October 1st.

After order is purchased we will contact you via the email on the order.

For larger ad purchases please contact:

iHorror Reach