Single or Set of 6 - Mego Horror 8-Inch Retro Action Figures

  • $24.99

Buy the entire set or buy your favorite character individually. 


These are brand new and just stocked.  iHorror is one of the few shops that have the entire set in stock and not back ordered.  These are ready to ship TODAY!

The Mego line of action figures are 8 inches and are official limited edition with original detail and quality.  The front of each action figure contains a gold Mego sticker with the number this figure falls into the limited production run.

Mego Horror Line Includes

1 Mego Horror Invisible Man

1 Mego Horror Freddy Krueger

1 Mego Horror Nosfaratu

1 Mego Horror Frankenstein (Glow in the Dark)

1 Mego Horror Dracula

1 Mego Horror Wolfman


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